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The Plane Effect preparing for landing on PC and consoles

For most of us, getting home from work is a mundane, everyday experience completely devoid of drama. Quite the opposite is true for the protagonist of The Plane Effect, an upcoming dystopian adventure from Innovina Interactive and Studio Kiku.

Players control the aptly named Solo, who finishes the end of a long day – his last day – all alone in his soulless office cubicle. All you want to do now is get home to your loving family ... which you're certain you remember having. Or do you? The answer to that question suddenly doesn't seem so clear. Your only goal now is to "find your way home by any means," but to do so you'll need to "thwart a sinister presence which seems to be observing your every move as you progress through a mind-and-time-bending narrative experience."

Presented from an isometric perspective with a suitably bleak aesthetic, The Plane Effect asks players to "uncover, explore and understand the mysterious mishaps of Solo." While no specific gameplay details have yet been revealed, the adversity you face begins "toying with your grip [on] reality and distorting the balance of time and space." It's a "dangerous path" you now tread, and "you'll be challenged with untangling impossible series of events, getting to grips with the intangible and using logic to overcome the increasingly illogical dystopia around you."

There is no target release date for The Plane Effect just yet, but its Steam page says it's "coming soon" to Windows PC. Console versions are also in production and the game will be released sometime this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. 

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