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The Grim Ending gets underway on Steam

The new year has only just begun and already everything is going to hell. No, not for real (although it may feel that way too), but rather in indie developer Astroknight Games' newly released The Grim Ending.

As with another famous adventure with "Grim" in the title, this game sees players control a rather skeletal-looking employee of the afterlife – or to be more precise, a slave in this case. Players control "slave 21" (aka Grimmy), a young man who finds himself in a strange world where "nothing is how it seems to be." Here in this largely barren desert, it is Grimmy's job to take photographs to "satisfy his boss's absurd desire for collecting polaroid images of living things." 

While The Grim Ending may share certain narrative similarities with Grim Fandango, its presentation has more in common with earlier LucasArts releases with its chunky 320x240 pixel art, verb-based interface, and classic-styled gameplay. The humorous dialogue here is fully voiced, however, and the story promises "multiple endings triggered by your moral decisions" along the way.

If you're up for a little tongue-in-cheek otherworldly adventuring, there's no need to wait, as The Grim Ending is available now on Steam for Windows PC. 

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