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The Entropy Centre getting itself in order for 2022 release

Guns don't kill people, they reverse time! Well, one does, at least, in indie UK developer Stubby Games' upcoming first-person environmental puzzler, The Entropy Centre

Players control Alya Adams, an employee of the titular company who "awakens confused" in her workplace and discovers that it "appears to be abandoned and destroyed." Now, armed only with the rifle-like "Handheld Entropy Device" and assisted by the helpful AI companion named Astra who resides within it, you must solve "complex time-based puzzles in order to figure out the mystery behind the facility's demise."

Presented in Portal-styled free-roaming 3D, The Entropy Centre tasks players with exploring the now run-down building and progressing through "increasingly challenging puzzle areas," each with its own "unique time-bending puzzle mechanics." Only by strategically using your multifaceted gun on various elements of the environment can you hope to "restore your surroundings back in time" to the way things were before they were destroyed.

There is no firm target release date just yet, but The Entropy Centre is currently scheduled to be launched on Steam for Windows PC sometime in 2022, with console versions to follow. In the meantime, you can sign up for ongoing updates through the game's official website.

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