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Surviving the Humans goes live on Kickstarter

While shows like The Walking Dead and the films of George Romero remain as popular as ever, zombies themselves don’t get a lot of respect. An Ash Williams or a Shaun Riley may persist in the public consciousness, but there’s little thought spared for the thousands of anonymous ghouls they had to headshot, decapitate and smash across the face to get there. It’s this injustice that Surprised Monkey Studio looks to correct with their first game, the retro-styled Surviving the Humans, which is now seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Players assume the role of Cooper, a “zombie who rises from his grave in the ’80s in a cemetery knowing absolutely nothing about his past.” The story that unfolds as Cooper “learns what it means to be a zombie” aims to provide “a deep look at the reality behind the harshness of a zombie's life,” and to explore whether it’s possible for the warm- and cold-blooded to learn to coexist.

Surviving the Humans is a 2D, hand-drawn point-and-click title featuring a verb coin interface “inspired by the classic LucasArts adventure games,” with a focus on “nostalgic elements [and] humor.” The game will take players through the dark crypts and aboveground areas of the cemetery where Cooper was buried, where you’ll need to make good use of your coffin full of inventory.

Surprised Monkey Studio is seeking $10,000 on Kickstarter by December 31st for a planned release near the end of 2021, with consoles also possible if stretch goals are met. Campaigns “on other platforms such as Indiegogo” are said to be following “in the not too far future.”

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