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Steam now home to Clown in a House

Clowns can entertain, amuse or even terrify, but what are they really thinking behind the makeup? We now have the chance to find out in at least one particular case with today's release of Clown in a House, a retro-RPG-styled pixel art adventure from Krispy Animation.

While specific story details have been intentionally withheld for players to uncover for themselves, the game stars a "lonely clown" who must explore a "mysterious house" on a journey to "discover why he exists." Along the way he'll meet a variety of "strange inhabitants" who raise even more questions, such as "who are these people?" and indeed, "are they even people?" The only way to find the answers he seeks is to "venture deeper and deeper into the bowels of the house," encountering both "the unknown and the familiar at the same time." Help him do so and you may even "discover a thing or two about yourself" while you're at it. 

Presented in an overhead pixel art style reminiscent of old 16-bit roleplaying games, Clown in a House is very much an exploration-based adventure with "more than 1,000 unique objects" to find and interact with, as well as some puzzles to solve in the process. Promising a "powerful psychological narrative," the game's goal is to elicit a "complex mix of emotions" in players, as you may just find that "you and the clown have quite a lot in common." Where the story goes depends on a variety of factors, leading to "upwards of 20 endings" (some decidedly less pleasant than others if the trailer is any indication).

While coulrophobes may want to steer clear, all others can head on over to Steam right away, as Clown in a House is available now for download on Windows PC.

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