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Steam launch shines light on Darkness Under My Bed

All children are frightened by the unseen horrors lurking right underneath them as they sleep each night, and all adults know there's nothing there to fear. Or is there? In the newly released horror adventure Darkness Under My Bed, indie developer Desert Fox may have just proven that kids know more than their parents after all.

One particularly terrified little boy had a smart idea to imprison the "dangerous monsters" under his bed: he'd construct an intricate, twisty labyrinth "full of long corridors and narrow tunnels." Unfortunately, even that wasn't enough to keep them confined, and they continued to emerge to steal his "favourite toys, souvenirs, treasures, memories... everything was getting lost in the abyss." When "the most horrible of monsters reached out his hideous hands" and took what was most precious to him of all, the boy was "paralysed with fear for long months" even as "guilt was slowly poisoning the child's soul." But now the young protagonist is ready to fight back with a rescue mission mounted via remote-control robot with a flashlight attached to "shed some hopeful light on the darkness." 

Darkness Under My Bed is a slideshow-style adventure "filmed" entirely in black and white from the first-person perspective of the boy's little robot. This remote "expedition into the old, cardboard labyrinth under the bed" is intended to evoke a sense of "urban exploration and mystery of the Paris catacombs." Even from afar, players can guide the bot by selecting directional markers, interact by clicking on-screen hotspots, and collect and use helpful items found along the way. Your task is to "discover all the secrets" hidden down below, as well as "document the existence of monsters" and of course "retrieve the stolen treasures and memories" before the night is through.

If you're ready to dredge up and confront some old childhood fears you thought you'd long left behind, you can get started right away as Darkness Under My Bed is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

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