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Space Rescue: Code Pink gets premature launch on Early Access

If you think Leisure Suit Larry is raunchy, wait'll you get a load of Space Rescue: Code Pink, a cartoony but much more explicit sex romp adventure available now through Steam Early Access.

The game stars an amiable young man named Keen, a "mechanic that just landed his first job" on a "Rescue & Relax" spaceship. It's Keen's responsibility to make repairs to the ship as needed, but with "tons of sexy women" on board, it isn't long before "what starts out as a series of straightforward tasks quickly devolves into a set of rather 'sticky' situations." 

The comparison to Leisure Suit Larry is no accident, as indie developer Moonfish Games cites Al Lowe's classic creation as as inspiration. But where Larry's games relied more on innuendo and suggestive pixel art, Space Rescue leans right into its overtly graphic sexual content. Otherwise, however, the game is a traditional point-and-click adventure in many respects, involving exploration, inventory puzzles, and dialogue choices as you attempt to "woo the ladies" you meet. Along the way there will also be a number of minigames to play, as "diversity is the spice of life." 

While the full version of Space Rescue: Code Pink isn't due to be completed for up to two years on Windows, Mac and Android devices, a preliminary PC version of the game is available now through Steam Early Access. At present it contains a single storyline involving a woman named Lune, but the finished release will include more branching routes and available women, each of which promises "a variety of additional content."

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