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Sol 705 launched on Steam for Windows and Mac

Establishing contact with an alien race and saving the world is child's play when compared to the real challenges of teenagers: surviving high school. We can now be reminded of that fact in rather amusing terms in indie developer Space Indie Studios' newly released point-and-click sci-fi adventure, Sol 705.

It's the 1970s in the remote town of Tucana Lake, Argentina, where a group of "eccentric friends" devote most of their free time to meeting at their "secret extraterrestrial research club: Sol705." To do that, however, they'll first need to find a way to get out of school to begin their their winter break. But this is just the start of their problems, as they'll need to find a bass player in time for the local concert, and of course "getting a date with one of their classmates, well . . . let's just call it a top priority." From these humble beginnings, their quest will ultimately "turn their passion for progressive rock and UFOs into a real intergalactic mess." 

Sol 705 is a traditional adventure inspired by the classics of LucasArts, Sierra, and Delphine Software, with a point-and-click interface, hand-drawn graphics with a "pixel-toon style," full voice-overs, and an original soundtrack that ranges from "punk to the most awkward symphonic rock from the '70s." Players can expect to meet "dozens of ultra weird characters" throughout a story that promises "mystery and references around every corner, a distorted reality that mixes American, European and out-of-this-world pop culture influences, and lots of amazing wacky sci-fi situations." Along the way, you'll collect plenty of "amazing vintage stuff" that will be needed to solve the "super funny puzzles" throwing obstacles in your path.

Successfully funded through Kickstarter in 2018, Sol 705 is now complete and available on Steam for Windows and Mac. For a free first taste of what to expect (although its quality is not indicative of the finished product), a playable demo can be downloaded from itch.io for Windows, Mac and Linux, the App Store for iOS, and Google Play for Android devices, offering an introductory chapter with about an hour of gameplay. 

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