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Size Matters fully grown and released on Steam

Usually adventure games are leisurely affairs, allowing players all the time in the world to overcome obstacles. But occasionally time is of the essence – like when you're shrinking and have to hurry before you're too small to reverse the process. Such is the case with Size Matters, a first-person adventure from Mazen Games that has just emerged from Early Access.

Players step into the ever-reducing shoes of a "scientist who has unintentionally ingested a chemical that causes him to shrink every second." Fortunately, everything you need to concoct an antidote can be found around your lab. You must locate all the required ingredients and "go through the formulas you find and follow them accurately" if you're ever to get back to your usual size. The problem, of course, is that the shorter you get, what once was easily accessible becomes increasingly hard to reach.

Size Matters is a free-roaming 3D adventure with six different laboratories to explore. At first the gameplay is entirely adventure-like as you process chemicals, restore or revert ingredients, and do other suitably science-y things. All that changes the more you shrink, however, as you'll also need to begin "rearranging the lab so you're able to reach stuff when you're smaller." This will require some platforming skills as well as problem-solving ability as you "figure out ways to climb up onto where the equipment and ingredients are located." If all that sounds daunting, rest assured that the game includes a variety of options to tailor the gameplay to your liking, including difficulty levels, starting height, jumping ability, processing time and more. 

Originally released in unfinished form through Early Access in late 2019, Size Matters is now complete and available on Steam for Windows PC. 

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