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Siebenstreich begins ‘nerdventure’ on Kickstarter

Tabletop RPGs can have a lot in common with adventure games, from their (usually) fantasy settings to their cerebral approach and epic character-driven quests. Indie German developer Golden Orb plans to blur the line between the two formats and genres entirely in the upcoming "nerdventure" Siebenstreich, which is currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter. 

Siebenstreich is primarily a game-within-a-game as you live out a pen-and-paper roleplaying game called "Dice & Doom." Upon your arrival in the "once noble kingdom of Mirrormore," you discover that "someone or something is draining all the color from its environment." You are the titular "awesomely hip tailor" who must take up the mantle of unlikely hero to save the realm with your "brilliant knowledge of prosaicness, ecology and nerdism." By your side is the avatar of your introverted friend Henry, now a "crafty vegan carnivorous plant" named Trudie, and together the two of you will "set out on a fantastic road trip through a kingdom in demise." You'll meet a variety of eclectic characters in your travels, including "a guerilla unicorn, an artistic giant [and] a woodcutter drag queen," and in order to vanquish the "source of all evil," along the way you'll need to "fight pollution, deforestation and, ultimately, The Boss."

The game's whimsical hand-drawn presentation matches its charming offbeat sensibilities that promise "nostalgia, humor and exceedingly witty pop-culture references." Blending a traditional-styled fairy tale with "contemporary topics, a modern outlook" and the inspiration of classic adventures "from the glorious floppy disk era," Siebenstreich will include numerous puzzles to solve as you nagivate your way through the world with either a gamepad or mouse. Some puzzles will require Trudie's ability to combine inventory objects: all you need to do is "just feed her the parts and she'll munch them into a shiny new item." If you get stuck, Trudie can even help you out with hints as part of an integrated help system. There will be character stats and skill points to deal with as well – this being an RPG, after all – so consider your decisions carefully as the curiously unnamed Game Master will "penalize or reward your actions." 

With help from a small grant by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the otherwise self-financed production is well underway, but in order to complete Siebenstreich the developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise €15,000 by November 1st. If successful, we could see the game launch on Steam as early as next spring, as well as the Nintendo eShop for Switch. For a little taste of what to expect, there's no need to wait, however, as a playable demo is available now on itch.io and Game Jolt.

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