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Secret Agent: The Five Keys unlocked on iOS

Mobile-exclusive adventure games are few and far between, and those using live-action film footage even rarer. But indie developer Colin Greenaway is bucking both of those trends with his newly released puzzle-adventure, Secret Agent: The Five Keys.

A "notorious criminal" named Draven has been in hiding for several years when the Secret Service finally picks up a transmission instructing one of his henchmen to "collect some sensitive information from one of his holiday properties, a coastal manor." You are the agent assigned to retrieve the information first, but this will be far easier said than done as you must first solve the many puzzles set up by the "clever but eccentric mastermind" to protect his secrets.

Filmed in real-world locations and then "made to look CGI by using effect processing," Secret Agent is no mere interactive movie like many of its FMV counterparts. This is very much a classic-styled point-and-tap adventure in which players will interact directly with objects in the environment and collect some for use as inventory. As you transition between rooms of the "stately manor" and outdoor scenes such as the nearby "quaint harbour," you will encounter a variety of "codes to crack [and] ancient writings to decipher," among other challenges. Fortunately, helping you gather clues are a pair of night vision goggles and a UV-enabled flashlight to help see in the dark and find evidence otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

If you think you have what it takes to match wits with Draven, your mission awaits as Secret Agent: The Five Keys is available now to download from the App Store for iOS devices, with a free trial portion and an in-app purchase to complete the adventure.

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