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Road to Boxville leads through Kickstarter

We probably all feel a little boxed-in by circumstance sometimes, but nowhere is that more true than for the citizens of Boxville, the titular setting for indie developer Triomatica Games' upcoming adventure that is currently raising funds through Kickstarter.

Boxville is, quite literally, a "city of boxes populated with old cans." Here the locals live "quiet and happy lives with their everyday routines and habits," until one day the city is rocked by earthquakes. When his best friend disappears in the chaos, Blue Can decides to set out on a search mission, but it won't be easy as navigating through the damage proves challenging. If he's to find his friend and return home safely – and hopefully discover the cause of the earthquakes in the process – Blue Can will need to "be curious, inventive, careful, and to help others, to reach his goal."

With a lovely hand-painted aesthetic reminiscent of Machinarium, Boxville is being designed as a combination of "animated film and an adventure puzzle game, with more than 300 hours of artists' time spent on every scene." The city has been modeled architecturally with "deep and geometrically correct views," but with a "cartoony look" to feel warmer and more personal than realistic. And there will be plenty of people to meet along the way, each with their own distinctive look and personality traits, such as the "melancholic" and overly contemplative Fisher, the "open-hearted and supportive" Shoeshiner, and the easygoing homeless trio. In between stopping, chatting and gawking at all the pretty pictures, there will be plenty of "environmental quests and logical puzzles" to solve along the way, as teased in the game's first trailer.

In order to help finance production, the developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 US by December 17th, along with a playable demo to showcase what to expect. If successful, we should see Boxville released on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux in September 2022. As an added incentive to support the project now rather than wait, Kickstarter backers will have exclusive access to the "unbuyable standalone prequel DLC (that) will tell the story of the meeting between Blue Can and his best friend Rusty." 

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