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Repeat due to come around later this year

Most environmental puzzle games involve finding ways to traverse the limited available space. This is true of indie developer Ateliér Duchů's upcoming Repeat as well, though here you'll do so in a much different way than usual: by creating more (of the same) space for yourself.

While story details are intentionally vague, players assume control of a woman who finds herself trapped in a huge room, which is all that's left of a universe on the brink of total collapse. A "rift deep in space" is able to absorb everything around it except you, so it's up to you to strategically utilize a small box that allows you to "repeat" the space around you to extend it in the direction you indicate. Not every part of the environment can be replicated in such a fashion, of course, so you must explore to find more available repeating opportunities, solving spatial puzzles by "moving and timing your actions just right" along the way.

Unlike Hadr, the developer's previous game, Repeat is a free-roaming, first-person 3D puzzler similar to Portal and its ilk. Instead of a gun, however, here you're equipped only with your little box, which is carried out in front of you and can be aimed at certain walls to trigger a repeat, then clicked again to discontinue. Your goal is simply to "find a gate hidden somewhere in the level," but this will be far easier said than done, as Repeat is intended to be "not an easy game."

There is currently no firm target release date, but Repeat is due to arrive on Windows PC sometime before the end of the year. That leaves you plenty of time to check out the downloadable demo on Steam, which delivers a unique level not in the main game. 

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