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Production hopping on Frog Detective 3

The last place you'd normally look for a frog is a hot, dry, Wild West-style desert town. But then, the titular star of the Frog Detective games is no ordinary amphibian. That's a good thing, as the world's "second-best detective" is preparing to return for his third and final mystery adventure, Corruption at Cowboy County

While Grace Bruxner's 2018 The Haunted Island kept the protagonist close to home while investigating a possible ghostly infestation, and the following year's The Case of the Invisible Wizard saw him looking into sabotage of the local parade, this time around Frog Detective and Lobster Cop must venture out to much dustier climes to "solve the conundrum of a sheriff-less county." Naturally, not everything is as it seems, and it isn't long before "a surprisingly simple solution to the case reveals a sinister scheme."

As with its short but charming predecessors, Corruption at Cowboy County is presented in a simple, vibrantly coloured 3D art style, this time appropriately infused with warm oranges and reds to suit the arid location. Exploring in first-person perspective, you'll once again interact with a host of unusual animal characters around town in search of leads. In between chatting with witnesses, you'll also need to "collect clues, smile vacantly and be a frog." Hard-boiled, this game is not (more sticky tongue in cheek). 

It's too early for a specific release date just yet, but Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County isn't too far off, as it's currently on pace to launch on Steam sometime this year for Windows and Mac. 

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