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Sol705 campaign

Pastel: Blind Karma aiming for August 20 release

A few different games of late have starred foxes as protagonists, but only one is of the humanoid-shaped, nine-tailed variety: SMS Technologies' upcoming third-person puzzle adventure, Pastel: Blind Karma.

Players control the titular Pastel, a nine-tailed fox in her female mostly-human form, who awakens from a deep sleep to find herself "in the middle of an overgrown forest." Sensing intuitively that something is very wrong, you try desperately to remember but the only things you recall for sure are your name and what you are. And yet "something in your mind begins to call out to you," reminding you of an unfulfilled purpose with potentially tragic consequences. If you're to "prevent a great calamity from taking place . . . you must first discover who you are and what has happened while you slept."

The title Pastel could just as easily refer to the game's diverse and beautifully vivid 3D environments, inspired by Russian and Korean culture and populated by "unique and original creatures, bosses, and an ever-changing atmosphere." On your quest, you will travel through not only space but time as well, and in the process you will "learn more about the history of the planet, stories such as the truth behind the ancient ruins that are now worshipped as having been created by gods, what happened to those that created them, and what your role in all of this was." In order to regain your memories and successfully carry out your mission, you'll also need to contend with a variety of challenging puzzles in your path – a reminder that "nothing worth having ever comes easily." 

There isn't much longer to wait, as Pastel: Blind Karma is nearing completion and on track for release on Steam for Windows PC on August 20th.

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