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Orbital Cargo Division set up on Kickstarter

Manuel Schenk claims he always wanted to make a sci-fi game, but his first major project ended up being the fantasy adventure Nelson and the Magic Cauldron, followed soon after by the announcement of a sequel. With the latter now nearing completion, the indie German developer is finally revisiting his longtime ambition with Orbital Cargo Division, and has once again turned his attention to Kickstarter for funding.

Very little is known about the story so far, but it's set among the stars and follows "a freighter crew arriving at a seemingly abandoned space station." What happened here, and is the facility really as deserted as it seems at first? These are just some of the questions for players to discover for themselves in what promises to be a "tense science fiction story with ... a lot of humor."

Inspired by Sierra's Space Quest series and other classic sci-fi adventures, Orbital Cargo Division will be a traditional point-and-click adventure, fully voiced in both English and its original German. Unlike its hand-drawn predecessors, however, this game will be the first presented in retro-styled pixel art. In order to complete the game, Schenk has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise €15,000 by February 8th, with additional stretch goals to "unlock new side missions including new places to explore and even new playable characters."

If all goes well – and with the developer's pedigree in successfully launching previously crowdfunded games on time, that seems likely – we should see Orbital Cargo Division released for Windows and Mac sometime in 2023, with backers getting both a Steam key and DRM-free download. Other platforms could follow at a later time.

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