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NUTS cracked open on PC, Switch and iOS devices

Big Brother is watching ... the squirrels? Yes, something is up with the bushy-tailed rodents in Melmoth Forest, and it's your task to figure out what in NUTS, the recently released Firewatch-style spy adventure. 

As a recent graduate and lowly field researcher for Viago University, you have been assigned to set up camp alone in a "dinky caravan" in the woods in order to "figure out exactly where the native squirrels nest." This requires you to "place cameras during the day, and watch the footage at night, tracking the movements of a scurry of squirrels." Sounds straightforward enough, and unlikely to yield any great surprises, but you'll soon discover that the squirrels are acting very oddly and "the longer you spend in the forest, the stranger things begin to seem." 

Described as a "first-person narrative surveillance adventure," NUTS is presented in a striking 3D art style with a limited range of pastel colours. You'll begin each day with a mission briefing that establishes a starting point, but "it'll be on you to determine the optimal layout for your equipment through trial and error." During the day you're free to "explore the wonders and mysteries of the enigmatic Melmoth Forest "at your leisure, but once night falls you must return to camp to "comb your footage for the information needed to complete your mission and send proof to your boss Dr Nina Scholz back at the research institute." Neither of you could have anticipated the things caught on film getting "weirder and weirder" with each passing day, and together the two of you will need solve the mystery behind the squirrels' unusual behaviour. 

Originally launched as an Apple Arcade exclusive, NUTS has now been released for Windows and Mac on Steam, Humble and itch.io, as well as the Nintendo eShop for Switch. 

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