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non: The First Warp is positively coming soon to Steam

Some aliens stranded on Earth may just get to phone home, but some have to get back the hard way through good old-fashioned ingenuity – along with a little help from time travel. This is the predicament facing the titular character of Lars Pontoppidan's upcoming non: The First Warp.

The friendly little alien in question is non – or more accurately, Ո Օ Ո – who finds himself abruptly transported here from his home planet of Toukin through a portal that appeared when a "mysterious device [fell] from the sky." Now he's got to find his way back; the problem is, his destination is "many billion light years across the local galaxy super cluster." Along the way, you must also try to figure out where the strange box came from and why all this happened to you. And more importantly, why is it you now have the ability to "control the flow of time?"

Largely a one-man creation, non is a hand-painted, third-alien point-and-click adventure that takes players through a variety of "twisted" environments as you planet-hop your way home. You'll need to help some "extraordinary lifeforms" in the process, so it's a good thing you possess a gadget that lets you freely manipulate time to your advantage. With "full control over day and night cycles," you must utilize your newfound ability wisely in order to solve puzzles designed to "evolve around the control of time." If that sounds like a lot to wrap your mind around, rest assured that a "clever, on demand, in-game help system" will provide assistance to keep you from getting stuck.

While there is no firm release date just yet for non: The First Warp, according to the developer's website the game is "99% done" and is expected "soon" on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

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