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Neyyah appears on the horizon

The tried-and-true Myst formula continues to be a popular one for puzzle fans, and soon we'll get another set of interconnected worlds to explore in indie Australian developer Defy Reality Entertainment's upcoming Neyyah.

Players control an unseen character named Theo, who, for reasons as yet unknown to him, holds "the fate of worlds" in his hands. After being suddenly transported to a place called Olijay, you'll meet "Vamir, who sends you to Neyyah in the hope you will be safe there." You know very little of your task, however, only the urgency of your success as "a wrong must be righted. A civilisation avenged. A secret revealed." As you begin to explore the titular world's "bizarre landscapes" and learn about its cultures, you'll come to understand that "not everything is as it seems, and as you wander further into Neyyah's ancient heart, your discoveries will lead you to uncover the very truths behind the fate of Earth itself."

Neyyah features the familiar slideshow-style, photorealistic first-person presentation common to these sorts of games, taking players across a variety of remote and "almost abandoned islands, separated by a series of complex portal machinery and laced with the fingerprints of two very intriguing cultures." If you're to complete your mission and return to Olijay, you must link together the "mechanical contraptions, rusted levers and blue plasma portal systems scattered throughout," using "careful observation and logic to uncover the mysteries entwined within Neyyah's peculiar landscapes" along the way.

There is currently no firm launch date for Neyyah, but the game's Steam page suggests it is "coming soon" for Windows PC, though designer Aaron Gwynaire has previously stated that as the project is largely a one-man creation, it could be 2022 before we see it released. To follow its progress and support production in the meantime, you can back its development through its Patreon page.

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