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Next chapter in Carol Reed saga coming in Quarantine Diary

As 2020 has taught us, everything can change in a hurry. And yet despite such hardships, some things never change. The next adventure in the long-running Carol Reed saga will represent a little bit of both when Quarantine Diary is released early next year. 

As its title suggests, the new game takes place very much in the here and now. The pandemic is in full force, and it's impacting young Alvin's "passion for skateboarding." His mother works nights, but she's "a stickler for COVID-19 safety procedures," so the 16-year-old is forced to "sneak out at dawn" in order to enjoy his preferred hobby. Unfortunately, "when he doesn't come home one day, his mother finds herself with a lot more than the coronavirus to worry about." Carol Reed is brought in to investigate, only this time she'll not only have solve confront a perflexing missing persons case, she'll also need to contend with the challenges and restrictions imposed by the highly contagious disease. 

While Quarantine Diary is very much a modern-day story, its gameplay remains as traditionally old-school as ever, with a first-person slideshow-style presentation that sends players pointing and clicking their way through a variety of scenic Swedish locations. Along the way you'll interview a number of locals (some of them suitably masked) and solve numerous puzzles as you attempt to discover the whereabouts of the missing young skateboarder. 

As has also become customary, Quarantine Diary will be released exclusively for download on Windows and Mac from the developer's website. There is no firm release date just yet, but it's not far off as the game is expected to be launched sometime in January.

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