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Nauticrawl rebuilt for VR in upcoming A Rogue Escape

Ever wanted to pilot your own mech? Imagine the power, the size, the awesome technology behind it. And then imagine ... how the heck you're actually going to drive this thing – especially if it's alien and comes with no instruction manual. This is the basic premise behind A Rogue Escape, a VR reimagining of 2019's intriguing sci-fi sim Nauticrawl.

Players find themselves trapped on "a hostile planet, lorded over by an elite ruling class," and the only hope of escape is to commandeer a "colossal steampunk mech." The problems is, you have no idea how to operate this massive "mechanical beast," and you're "surrounded by unfamiliar buttons, levers" and other controls whose functions are completely unknown to you. In order to learn, you will need to "cobble together instructions from notes left behind by former operators and various other sources." Even these will leave gaps in your knowledge, however, so you'll need to experiment if you're ever to successfully "flee this wretched planet."

The similarities to Nauticrawl are no accident, as A Rogue Escape is from the same developer and is being designed as a "more tactile, experience-driven VR re-imagining" of its predecessor. Along with the new virtual space, which can be experienced either standing or sitting, there will be other significant changes. This time around, instead of being rooted to a single cockpit, you'll need to navigate a four-story behemoth with five control centers. Trial and error is an integral part of the process, so players are encouraged to "pull levers, flip switches, and experiment with everything." As you progress, you'll also need to "wheel and deal with merchants of ill repute," as it turns out getting this mech moving is "just the first hurdle."

There is no target launch date for A Rogue Escape just yet, but the game is due to release sometime this year for Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest 1 and 2, HTC Vive and Valve Index, with a Steam page already available for wishlisting. 

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