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Mystery of Camp Enigma II cracked open on PC and mobile devices

The thought of camp probably brings to mind pup tents, weenie roasts and pesky mosquitoes, but a whole other kind of adventure awaits in M9 Games' recently released Mystery of Camp Enigma II

Named after a military communications base, the first game put players in the shoes of a private detective sent to investigate why all contact from the secret island location abruptly ended. This time around, you'll pick up where you left off at the radio tower, where you "discover a remote signal being transmitted from somewhere on the island." Hopping in the nearby chopper, it's up to you to pin down where the signal is coming from as you continue your mission to find the missing army personnel.

As with its predecessor, along with the prolific indie developer's other games (MISTICO, AYUDA, as well as the previously unannounced A Simple Mistake), Mystery of Camp Enigma II is a first-person slideshow-style adventure that focuses on exploration while collecting, combining and using items from inventory to solve puzzles along the way. You'll need "all of your puzzle-solving skills to put together a plan to make your way through the island of Camp Enigma," but there's no rush and "each puzzle has a logical solution." 

Mystery of Camp Enigma II is available now to download from itch.io for Windows PC, the App Store for iOS platforms and Google Play for Android devices. The previous game can bought on itch.io as well, or downloaded free from either mobile storefront with an in-app purchase to complete the adventure.

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