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My Father My Son generating momentum for 2022 release

When family relationships are strained, a bonding activity can sometimes help to reduce the tension and repair frayed ties. But how might you fare if a vacation intended to heal your relationship turned into a life-and-death struggle for survival? This is the premise of My Father My Son, an upcoming dual-character platforming adventure by Polish developer Blinkclick Games.

The eponymous duo embark on a sailing excursion in hopes of growing closer together following the death of the boy’s mother, a tragedy that has caused the two to drift apart. However, a storm wrecks their boat, stranding them on the shores of an uncharted island “hiding a terrible secret.” As if being castaways weren’t bad enough, they soon find themselves “persecuted by a dark, hostile character” inhabiting the island. Together, father and son will have to “overcome a path full of logic puzzles and hidden dangers” as they attempt to “escape from this mysterious place and discover together … what’s hidden here.”

Presented in a third-person side-scrolling perspective, My Father My Son features a low-poly aesthetic, with objects rendered as “simple blocks, straight from the works of Pablo Picasso.” You will have the option of playing the game solo, switching between characters at will; or cooperatively with a partner, either locally or online, with each person controlling one family member. When solving puzzles, each character will be able to “move along two paths,” alternating freely between them as necessary.

The differing physical attributes of the pair will require that the two of them work together to overcome obstacles found throughout the game, some of them deadly. The father’s greater physical strength and height, for instance, enables him to “break down doors, push heavy obstacles and lift up his son,” while the son’s “small and agile” physique allows him to “easily pass through narrow gaps and nimbly climb to hard-to-reach heights.” In addition to solving logic puzzles, you can occasionally expect to “fight for survival in thrilling arcade sequences,” such as “running from a massive rolling boulder,” as seen in the game’s first trailer.

Currently slated for release sometime in 2022, My Father My Son will initially be available on Steam for Windows PC, with “ports for the latest and previous generation consoles also planned.”

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