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Sol705 campaign

MechCube: Escape released on Steam and itch.io

Successfully getting through an adventure game often involves thinking outside the box. Not so in OGUREC APPS' MechCube: Escape, a point-and-click sci-fi adventure in which you must literally think inside the box. 

In the latest installment of the MechBox puzzle series, the box in question, as its title suggests, is a giant mechanical cube in which you've found yourself trapped. What this place is remains a mystery; all that is known is that "from the outside it is a huge matte black monolith made of an unknown metal" that can't be penetrated other than through "a single gateway on its surface." Inside is an "endless set of rooms, corridors and compartments" whose physical layout seem to defy nature, leading to beliefs that the obect exists "in several parallel dimensions at the same time." The only way you can hope to break free is to begin exploring its many rooms and solving the "puzzle contraption" in the center of each. 

Presented in a hand-painted, third-person art style, the "ominous rooms of The Cube" pose a non-linear challenge about "secrets of the universe, mysterious objects and terrible traps." Puzzles promise to range from "simple to extremely hard," and the central control panels comprise a wide variety of challenges, including "ciphers, logic puzzles, attentiveness tests, puzzles to test your ability to correlate information," and more. Only by solving them can you unlock new passages, and along the way you will encounter a number of Easter eggs, pop culture references, and artifacts to collect. The goal of the game is not just to escape, but to keep returning from untimely demises to discover all of the available "colorful comic-book-style endings." 

Originally released exclusively for mobile devices on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android, MechCube: Escape is now available on Steam and itch.io for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

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