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Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice detected on PC and mobile devices

Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes. In Deep Monolith’s newly released visual novel-styled detective game, Mark & Lara: Partners in Justice, you and a friend will be able to see just how big a difference teamwork can make.

New York Police Department detectives Mark Farlowe and Lara Torres have been tasked with investigating the death of one David Thompson. In this unique two-player experience, each partner will assume the role of either Mark or Lara, splitting up the legwork. In conducting interviews, sorting through documents, and searching computer databases, the two protagonists gather clues independently but can only build their case cooperatively. Both characters have their own unique personalities and approaches to problem solving, so players will need to compare notes and highlight discrepancies in order to get the full picture.

Presented in a clean hand-painted art style with character overlays popping up during conversation, Mark & Lara is an exclusively cooperative experience that emphasizes communication to succeed. Each player must own a copy of the game, though it can be played on PC or smartphone/tablet, either locally or remotely so long as a voice connection is available. Only through careful scrutiny of the evidence and depositions will players be able to present contradictions in suspects’ testimony, deduce what actually transpired, and solve the case of Thompson’s demise.

If you find the idea of a multiplayer mystery appealing, the game is already afoot as Mark & Lara: Partners in Justice is available now on Steam and itch.io for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS.

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