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Mare races onto Oculus Quest

We've probably all dreamed we could fly, but have you ever woken up from that dream to find out you CAN fly? Well, VR gamers will have the chance to do just that with today's release of Visiontrick Media's Mare.

The reason for your unexpected flight ability is that you awaken from a "dreamless sleep" to find yourself "embodying a mysterious artificial bird." Alone in an unknown land filled with majestic ruins from a once-great civilization, you soon encounter a helpless and vulnerable little girl who's going to need your protection if she's to reach her destination and fulfill her "impending destiny."

As with the developer's previous release, Pavilion, this game drops players into a beautiful, atmospheric world with no explanation or background. Here, however, you're not restricted to isometric puzzle levels, but as the artificial avian protagonist you'll be able to freely traverse the "vast and strange landscapes" by air, while your human AI companion follows along on the ground below. Her curiosity will "inspire you to explore and discover the underlying narrative" over the course of eight chapters, but it's your responsibility to "guide and protect" her safely along the way, all the while searching for "lost artifacts hidden throughout the world in order to unlock the final secret of Mare."

Designed for VR either standing or sitting, Mare is currently available exclusively for Oculus Quest 1 and 2 from the Oculus Store, with a Rift version also planned for the "near future." 

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