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Marcella Moon rushing towards Saboteurs on the River

Nancy Drew has more than thirty adventure games to her credit and Carol Reed fifteen, but Marcella Moon seems determined to make up ground in a hurry. Just a few short months after the amateur sleuth's first case in Secret on the Hill, the young journalist will be off to solve another crime in Saboteurs on the River

In this second outing that promises to have "longer gameplay, more puzzles, and a task list," Marcella is "invited to Red River Landing in Louisiana to celebrate the Summer Gumbo Festival." When she arrives, however, she soon discovers that "all is not well in this tourism hotspot, as there have been a series of strange thefts and accidents around town." The player's job, of course, is to guide the protagaonist in an effort to "figure out who the saboteur is before they escalate things any further."

Loosely based on the Mildred A. Wirt novel of the same name, Saboteurs on the River will see players point-and-click their way around in slideshow-style fashion as you "get lost in the labyrinthine Louisiana bayou and hold your own against its alligators, frogs, and mosquitoes." You'll also have your hands full helping with arrangements for the festival, but in between you'll get your chance to "snoop, eavesdrop, and stakeout to gather clues . . . but don’t get caught!" Along the way you'll encounter plenty of characters to interrogate, such as Angela Fontenot, a "local riverboat tour operator who certainly has a stake in this mystery," Wilbur Abernathy, a "goofball" who's now in trouble because a bridge accident happened on his watch, and Roy Fisher, a "kooky" loner who "lives alone in a swamp shack with a dozen farm animals," to name just a few. 

There isn't long to wait for more Marcella Moon, because Saboteurs on the River is due to launch for Windows PC on September 15th. In fact, you can already preorder the game through indie developer Renee Hyde's itch.io page at a 20% discounted price.

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