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MADE: Interactive Movie now finished on Windows PC

Internet influencers may enjoy the adulation their elevated online status affords them, but with fame there can be a downside to being the object of public obsession. We can now experience a little bit of the latter firsthand in JOONSPICTURES' newly released choice-driven thriller, MADE: Interactive Movie – 01. Run away!

The beautiful and charismatic Juri is one such successful influencer, with an Instragram account that has "millions of followers." Behind the scenes, however, the young woman's "reality sucks." Her ex-boyfriend won't leave her alone, her former best friend is now anything but, and a "copycat buys everything Juri wears from head to toe." Indeed, it seems "the more popular she becomes, the more haters" emerge around her. All that comes to a head when Juri is "kidnapped and wakes up in dark basement." There she meets another hostage named Sung-hoon, a "perfectionist" who is utterly devoted to his girlfriend. Together they must try to escape a mysterious masked man in a black hood who is "only after money and "threatens their lives with every method possible."

Blurring the lines between movie and game, MADE is an interactive live-action thriller filmed entirely with real actors. As with other titles of this kind, player choice is key in determining how the story plays out, but you can't be merely a passive observer in between branching decision points. Along the way, you will also need to "find clues and hints to solve problems and complete missions" in a manner similar to escape rooms. 

MADE: Interactive Movie – 01. Run away! is available now on Steam for Windows PC. Though no further details have yet been announced, if the game's title is any indication, we can look forward to more adventures in the MADE universe in future.

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