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Machinika Museum now open on Windows PC

Often adventures require players to travel around the globe or outer space in pursuit of some epic cause, but in indie developer Littlefield Studio's newly released Machinika Museum, you can just stay where you are and let the puzzling pieces of a wondrous galactic mystery come to you. 

It helps, of course, when you work in a large museum dedicated to displaying "machines from alien civilizations." In the distant future, your job is to "examine and fix the technological discoveries coming from the archeological sites of the far reaches of the galaxy." Today is a big day, with a brand new machine shipment coming in, but "this time, something is different. You have not been given any information and this seems to be rather urgent." With no one willing to answer your questions, it's up to you to discover for yourself "which secrets and stories are hidden behind these mechanisms." 

Inspired by challenging adventure classics like Myst as well as newer titles like The Room and The House of Da Vinci, Machinika Museum is described as an "atmospheric galaxy-spanning 3D puzzle game," though you never actually have to leave the confines of your "dusty workshop." The gameplay focus is on "mind-bending puzzles" that will require you to "use your sharp logic skills and your sense of observation" as well as some helpful tools to complete. It's not intended to be a long experience, however, with projected play time falling somewhere between 2-4 hours in total.

If you like to tinker with alien contraptions on PC, you can get started right away as Machinika Museum is available now on Steam. Those who prefer their puzzling on the go will have to wait a little longer for the upcoming mobile release of the game on April 20th.

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