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Last Days of Lazarus set to rise early next year

Although the Soviet Union dissolved nearly three decades ago, its influence lives on through new works of art and entertainment. Continuing in the well-mined vein of post-collapse grimness is the upcoming first-person horror-adventure Last Days of Lazarus, currently in production by one-man developer Darkania Works, aka George Remus, writer and artist for 2018’s Gray Dawn.

Set in post-Soviet Eastern Europe, the game tells the tale of the eponymous protagonist, who returns to his childhood home to be with his sister Lyudmila following their mother’s suicide. However, Lazarus soon discovers that not all is as it should be, and “as the country around him starts to fall apart, so does reality itself, resulting in a series of unexplainable events that lead him on a quest to find out more about his family’s disturbing past.” As he begins to investigate, “looming death, a spreading malediction and the supernatural threaten his sanity, yet Lazarus pushes forward to find the truth.”

Last Days of Lazarus promises a “disturbing plot about death, suffering, spirituality, and politics,” with “two narrative paths, each with different characters, story and places to explore.” Along the way, expect to meet “questionable characters whose corrupted version of the truth may be difficult to navigate,” while your own troubled history causes you to “struggle not only with solving the mysteries laid upon you but also with keeping any sliver of hope for salvation alive.” Presented in crisp, first-person 3D, not all the horror will be purely psychological, with a certain amount of “dread and gore” to juxtapose the otherwise “eerie, beautiful environments.”

While no firm launch date has been announced yet, Last Days of Lazarus is currently slated for release on Steam for PC in the first quarter of 2021, followed later by console versions for Xbox One and Nintendo. For more information in the meantime, interested gamers can surf over to the  official website.

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