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Krystopia: Nova’s Journey reaches PC, iOS and Android devices

It seems there's a common belief that the surest sign of intelligent life on other planets is whether they leave us a treasure trove of puzzles to solve once we get there. Fortunately for adventure fans, this is true once again in indie developer Antler Interactive's newly released Krystopia: Nova's Journey.

The standalone sequel to last year's Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey represents another chapter in the life of intrepid space explorer Nova Dune. As with its predecessor, Nova's Journey sees the eponymous protagonist on the "mesmerizing planet of Krystopia," where she will need to "solve [her] way through a mysterious land full of intriguing secrets" left abandoned for reasons unknown by an alien civilization. Accompanied only by a doll dubbed "creepyface," players will need to carefully observe the strange environments and complete dozens of puzzles in order to progress. 

The new game shares the same colourful 3D art style as the first game, but the "Krystopian caves and native cities" explored here are more detailed for a richer visual presentation this time around. Gameplay, too, will be familiar to fans of the original, as players will progress through a linear series of rooms (26 in all), each with its own obstacle(s) to overcome before moving on to the next. Along the way you can collect any "mysterious artefacts" you uncover and interact with a number of unique characters, though prepare yourself for the fact that some will be "complete buffoons." (Guess that's true of every planet.)

If you're up for some extraterrestrial puzzle solving, there's no need to wait, as Krystopia: Nova's Journey is available now on Steam for PC, as well as the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. If you'd like to sample the goods first, you can download a demo of the first chapter from Steam. 

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