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Kraken Academy!! preparing to open in 2021

It’s probably a safe bet that for most people, the thought of reliving their high school years would be about as desirable as having a root canal or running into a burning building. But it’s a whole different story when time travel and a magical kraken are involved, and the stakes are as high as saving the world. That’s the wacky premise of Kraken Academy!!, a comedic adventure from German developer Happy Broccoli Games set to debut next year.

Billed as a third-person “Slavic Groundhog Day adventure inspired by ’90s comedy anime” and featuring a combination of top-down pixel art and fully illustrated graphic novel-style character portraits, Kraken Academy!! puts players in the shoes of a “reluctant hero,” a new kid tasked by the eponymous kraken with saving his school and the world from “impending doom” that’s set to occur in three days. Fortunately, the kraken bestows you with the power to control time to help change the fate of the more than twenty “crazy” characters encountered throughout the game.

The ability to reset the clock means it’s not all urgent business in this “laid-back” adventure. You’ll strike up friendships and get to know your fellow students, and you’ll even be able to go on dates with three eligible characters. During your attempts to alter fate, you’ll have “a boat-load of side quests, room customization, and a sprinkle of minigames” to keep you busy, as well as the opportunity to explore four school clubs and get to know your classmates’ daily routines. You can also choose to “play in a band. Go to a costume party. Even the vending machines might be able to offer you some help on your epic quest.” And if at first you don’t succeed, “just use your awesome powers of time travel to try again.”

Kraken Academy!! is due to arrive sometime in 2021 on Steam for Windows PC, along with a console release on Switch. Until then, interested gamers can follow the game's progress on the official website.

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