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Kosmonavtes: Academy Escape is out on mobile devices

An astronaut's work in space is never done – or rather, a "kosmonavte" in the case of indie developer LKMAD's recent mobile release of Kosmonavtes: Academy Escape.

The sequel to 2017's Kosmonavtes: Escape Reality picks up where its predecessor left off. With the dwindling of Earth's resources, the Kosmonavte program was initiated to colonize another planet. The first game followed a young woman named Vala as she attempted to be become one of the program's cadets. Now, having successfully achieved the first step in becoming the astronaut she always dreamed of being, Vala must overcome a "rocky start" in her training to "graduate from the Space Academy and jet off to Venus." 

As with the first game, Academy Escape is a hand-painted, slideshow-style room escape adventure. There are eight chapters in total to complete, with "many items to collect and puzzles to solve" along the way. Tasks for Vala to undertake include such things as a pool space walk simulation (which promptly malfunctions), medical training, hydroponic food preparation, and learning survival techniques.

You can download the mobile-exclusive Kosmonavtes: Escape Reality from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android devices. The former is a standard purchase while the latter can be downloaded free and either bought to complete through an in-app purchase or continued free with the presence of advertisements. 

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