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Kickstarter campaign to unlock The Haunting of Flavel House

It's unnerving enough to be trapped in a haunted house all alone, but it's even more so when you have no memory of who you are or how you got there. You'll need to contend with both obstacles in Shaka Brah! Games' upcoming The Haunting of Flavel House, which is currently raising funds through Kickstarter. 

The titular Flavel house was a real home in Astoria, Oregon, built in 1901 before being abandoned, restored, and turned into a museum. Local legend suggests that the house is haunted to this day, but the game tells a purely fictional story set during a time when the house was still empty and decaying. Players control a paranormal investigator named David Castillo, though even he doesn't know that at first as he awakens in the basement with amnesia. He will regain his memories soon enough, but only after encountering a "tragic scene" and hearing an "eerie recorded message" that triggers their recall. Still trapped inside, however, David must now "solve buried secrets in order to escape the tortured spirits that still reside there."

Presented in first-person, free-roaming 3D, The Haunting of Flavel House is described as a "psychological thriller" that takes place across five distinct levels within the house, including the basement, a library, a bedroom, the kitchen, and the family room. Each area has "its own set of challenges" to overcome as you search for items and clues that will open the way forward, being careful not to exhaust your flashlight's limited battery. As you progress, you'll discover that the house is "indeed haunted and the spirits of Grandma Rose, Henry Flavel, Captain Flavel, Elizabeth Flavel, and Uncle Jack still reside there," and have since 1923. Fortunately you'll have access to an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorder to help you communicate with them. There will be choices to make as well, in a story that promises plenty of "twists and turns" along the way.

In order to complete the game for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, Shaka Brah! has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a modest $3,000 USD by August 5th. If successful, we can expect to see the game sometime before the end of 2021.

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