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Just Take Your Left is on Steam right now

Most detective games are about collecting clues and solving crimes. Not so in indie developer Mehrdad Rezaei's newly released Just Take Your Left, a comedic hand-animated adventure about outsmarting rodents and pesky ghosts.

Players assume the role of Detective Morris, who's been given an unusual new assignment: head to the Soul Palace and retrieve a special diamond. It doesn't sound that hard, but Morris has "no desire to go to this damn place," and for good reason: it's haunted. If he's to fulfill his mission in this "nonsensical" castle, he'll need to deal with "wandering ghosts and an annoying rat" that's out to stop him at every turn and by any means necessary.

The big draw of Just Take Your Left is its charming cartoon aesthetic that promises "more than 3000 hand-drawn animation frames." Many of those will be devoted to the amusing slapstick disasters that befall the hapless protagonist in his quest to acquire the diamond and get back out alive.

If you're up for a little comedic hijinx, you can don your deerstalker-ish cap and get started right away, as Just Take Your Left is available now on Steam for Windows PC, with Mac and Android versions expected to follow.

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