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Forever Ago only a year away

The older one gets, the more one is inclined to look back at a lifetime of experiences – both the good times and the bad, with all the baggage that entails. Such an inward reflection will be getting a very outward expression in indie two-man German developer Third Shift's upcoming narrative-driven adventure, Forever Ago

The game stars an elderly man named Alfred, who, "following a tragic stroke of fate," decides to hop in his "self-built van" and embark on a literal journey of redemption. In a tale intended to be a "nuanced and heartfelt story about broken dreams, loss, and regret—but also courage, hope, and true friendship," players will join this "flawed" protagonist as he "sets out to travel to beautiful places, capture memories with his camera, meet and talk to interesting people, and even make some new friends."

Presented in free-roaming third-person 3D, Forever Ago will take players to a wide variety of beautiful environments ranging from "serene forest lakes to dusty barrens sweltering in the desert sun." Along the way you will solve "small environmental puzzles" and "examine and interact with objects to learn about your surroundings and the people living there." Through conversation you will uncover the "stories, beliefs and struggles" of the strangers you encounter, all fully voiced with professional acting talent including Cissy Jones (Firewatch, Life Is Strange), Dave Pettitt (Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Frostpunk) and Daniel Amerman (League of Legends). Whenever you see something worthy of recording for posterity in your journal, pull out your handy instant camera and snap off a photo. And when you're lucky enough to be accompanied by a canine friend, you can of course pet the dog. 

There is currently no firm target release date just yet, but Forever Ago is due to launch on Steam for Windows PC sometime in 2021. To follow its progress in the meantime, be sure to visit the game's official website.

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