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First details unearthed for The Magnificent Trufflepigs

Many adventure games are treasure hunts of sorts by their very nature, but few take that objective quite so literally as The Magnificent Trufflepigs, an upcoming "romantic, metal-detecting" game from Thunkd and the lead designer of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Years ago, Beth found a single earring found with her metal detector on a local farm in the "idyllic northern English village of Stanning," a discovery which earned her a certain degree of fame and bolstered her sense of self-worth. She never did find its match, however. Now in her twenties, Beth is "poised to become the CEO of the biggest company in the valley, on the cusp of settling down, maybe having a couple kids." And yet, "something's missing" in her life. With the farm where she discovered the earring so long ago about to be destroyed, Beth "decides this is her last chance to rekindle that childhood sense of adventure." In order to cover as much ground as possible, she ignores the warnings from her friends and invites a man she once knew named Adam back to his childhood hometown help her with the search. Little does she know that this hunt will "unearth much more than she's bargained for."

Rather than playing as Beth herself, players step into the first-person shoes of the returning "sharp-witted but compassionate" Adam, voiced by Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, DC's Legends of Tomorrow). Much of your time will be spent leisurely sweeping the "beautiful English countryside" with your metal detector, hoping to locate treasure but mostly digging up "rubbish" with your shovel or trowel. All the while you'll stay in touch with Beth (Luci Fish of Safe House, Another Eden) via walkie-talkie and instant messaging, where "cracks begin to appear in Beth's fairy tale plan for everything." Through these ongoing conversations you will learn about Beth's hopes and fears, and delve deep into her past to "discover all may not be as it seems." The way this dialogue plays out will depend on your choices, which determine "how Adam responds to Beth as she faces her demons." 

There is no firm release date just yet, but The Magnificent Trufflepigs isn't too far off, with a launch on Steam expected sometime early this summer for Windows PC, along with a Switch version on the Nintendo eShop.

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