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First details uncovered for Lost in Play

Hard as it is to believe in this era of excessive helicopter parenting, children used to be able to run and play unattended, with all the potential excitement and hazards that entailed. You'll be able to experience that freedom for yourself soon enough in indie Israeli developer HappyJuice Games' upcoming fantasy adventure, Lost in Play.

The game stars a young brother and sister who become distracted while playing and wander too far from home. Suddenly finding themselves in environments unknown, the two must now embark on "a journey through imaginary and surreal landscapes." Along they way, they will "need to overcome fears, solve puzzles and stick together" if they're to succeed in ever getting back.

Presented in a lovely hand-painted art style intended to "make you feel like you are playing an animated cartoon," Lost in Play is a wordless third-person point-and-click adventure in which players control each child at various times. Throughout your travels, you will encounter a variety of "magical and magnificent creatures such as a horned beast, a giant stork, magical seaweed, friendly frogs [and] travelling goblins," some of which will help your quest while others would hinder your progress.

While no specific launch date has been set just yet, Lost in Play is due to launch on Steam for Windows and Mac sometime in the middle of 2021. To follow its progress while you wait, be sure to check out the developer's website.

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