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First details received for Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

If you seek proof of extraterrestrial or other-dimensional life, it's probably best not to look for it in the sky, but rather in our radio signals for secret messages encoded there. This was certainly true in Night School Studio's acclaimed 2016 narrative thriller Oxenfree, and will be once again later this year in the upcoming sequel, Lost Signals.

The original game followed the story of five teenagers whose drunken beach party on Edwards Island was interrupted by mysterious goings-on at the former military-base-turned-museum honouring the lives lost in a WWII submarine disaster. The new game stars an all-new cast in an all-new story set five years later, when an environmental researcher named Riley "returns to her hometown Camena to investigate mysterious radio frequency signals causing disturbances in electronic equipment throughout the town and stumbles upon ghostly happenings." And what is with the ominous unexplained cloud forming offshore over the very same Edwards island?

That's about all we know of the story so far, but the early screenshots suggest that Oxenfree II features the same sort of lovely stylized aesthetic as its predecessor, if slightly more detailed and polished this time around. Few gameplay details have been unveiled just yet either, but we can expect to see a return of the "naturalistic dialogue system" that made the first game so popular, allowing players to "shape their experiences in personal and profound ways." If the trailer is any indication, a similar radio mechanic will also be back, suggesting we'll once again be tuning into frequencies that let us listen in on channels broadcasting something much more sinister than their regularly scheduled programming.

It's too soon for a specific target release date, but Oxenfree II: Lost Signals isn't far off, with an expected launch on Steam for PC and the Nintendo eShop for Switch sometime before the end of the year. 

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