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First details emerge for Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis

Did the lost island of Atlantis every really exist? And if so, what actually happened to it? The answers to these questions, at least according to the upcoming VR adventure Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis, is a resounding "yes" and "you'll soon find out!"

Players control an Atlantean citizen who has been "unfairly jailed," forcing you to break out in order to explore the mythical city (the pre-sunken version, that is) and "unravel its mysteries, wield supernatural powers and, maybe, prevent a global catastrophe." Once free, you must "decode secret messages to gather clues, read the sky and the constellations to channel the stars' power ... learn how to use complex mechanisms," and even "acquire telekinesis powers, allowing you to manipulate the environment to your advantage." Along the way, you can "join forces with the clerics to find the oracle and witness epic battles where giant centurions battle for the sake of Atlantean Minds." 

The 3D environments in Ryte seek to portray an "authentic depiction of what historians and philosophers like Plato or Herodote imagined the long lost fantasy civilization of Atlantis to be." Everywhere around you, inspired by both ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures, "magnificent landmarks and machines indicate how advanced and sophisticated the lost paradise may have been." Here you can stand "atop the fertile central plains of a mountainous island which rose straight from the ocean of ancient Greece" and "visit the citadel's main harbor sprinkled with outdoor markets filled with occult artefacts, statues and worshiping venues." 

This is no simple history tour, however, as there will be numerous "physics puzzles and logical mindbenders" to solve, and players must utilize their "supernatural powers of repulsion and attraction in order to manipulate orichalcum objects to their benefit." In sacred temples you will "let your spiritual beliefs guide you through the Atlanteans' religious wisdom and mysticism practices," which is important because you "constantly have to weigh the consequences of [your] actions, as moral decisions will determine one of four distinct endings and the fate of both Atlantis and [yourself]." 

There is no confirmed release date for Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis just yet, but the game is due to launch on Steam VR and Oculus sometime later this year.

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