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Announcement details bring Lucid Adventure into focus

Update: Since time of writing, the game has been renamed Lucy Dreaming.

Ever have a recurring nightmare you just can't seem to wake up from? Well, the young protagonist in solo developer Tom Hardwidge's upcoming Lucid Adventure sure has, and she's going to need our help to make her way out of it. 

Players assume the role of a pigtailed young girl named Lucy, who keeps having the same nightmare over and over. In order to break the cycle, you will need to "guide her in her journey to discover the secrets of dream control so that she can face her demons and finally put her nightmares behind her." Along the way, you must "learn how to influence the environment and characters that manifest while you're dreaming to build up your confidence, unlock hidden memories and solve puzzles between dreams and the real world."

Lucid Adventure is presented in lovely third-person pixel art that will take players through a number of different dreams, as well as Lucy's own home when she's awake. There is a small list of verbs to choose from, like a more streamlined SCUMM interface, and plenty of unique voiced responses to various interactions. While the general premise sounds serious, the game will have a much lighter tone, promising "an irreverent and humourous adventure of self-discovery, surreal worlds and a giant duck with a bread problem."

There is currently no target release date for Lucid Adventure, as there are several steps planned before that happens on Windows, Mac, and possibly mobile devices. The first is the creation of a standalone demo early next year, followed by a Kickstarter to help finance production of the full game, the success of which will determine whether it is launched in 2021 or in expanded form in 2022. In the meantime, be sure to drop by the official website and follow along with the developer's blog

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