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Fear not, Don’t Be Afraid is out now on Steam

Perhaps the only thing scarier than the thought of being aducted by a psychopath is a child being abducted by a psychopath. That's exactly the situation the bravest of adventurers will face in Broken Arrow Games' newly released survival thriller, Don't Be Afraid.

Players control an eleven-year-old boy named David, who wakes up in "a dark, cold room." You are all alone here, but as "frightening sounds can be heard all around you, the feeling of helplessness fills in your soul." Though your memories are hazy, you vaguely recall "a strange man... in a mask." That man is Mr. Franklin, a "serial killer and cruel psychopath" who has done this before. Refusing to be his latest victim, you have no choice but to try to "find the way out of this nightmare." Escape won't be easy, however, as "the world shifts and changes along with your choices, with plenty of puzzles" to solve along the way. What's worse is that with every step you take, your actions are being watched. 

Don't Be Afraid is presented in the customary free-roaming first-person 3D. Natural lighting is at a minimum, so you'll need to illumate your way via mobile light sources you find in your travels. As you explore the "gigantic, mysterious house of your torturer" in which you're trapped, you'll uncover "terrifying drawings, mysterious notes and documents that reveal the story of the house and its residents." You'll also encounter numerous bloody mannequins that seem to foreshadow your own fate if you're not careful in dealing with the "dangerous enemies with unique sets of skills" standing in your way. Your destiny isn't written, though, as the story features a branching narrative that leads to one of three different endings. 

Those with enough courage to head into the monster's lair can do so right away, as Don't Be Afraid is available now on Steam for Windows PC. If you're not sure your nerves can stand it, you can always try out the free standalone prologue called The First Toy, in which you play Mr. Franklin's previous victim, another young boy named Jamie. 

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