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Fateful End: True Case Files has really arrived

You've heard of the whodunit? Well, Giiku Games' newly released Fateful End: True Case Files is more of a whogonnadoit, and the victim in question will be you if you're unable to solve it in time. 

Players assume the role of a young man who has foreseen his own murder in a vision: captured and buried alive in a box underground by a killer whose "face remains hidden and the motive ... unclear." Several weeks later, the protagonist is "intent on solving his own murder before it can take place." The first lead is "a phone call from an old acquaintance from the black market business," but this is only the beginning of "a series of mysterious events" that will inevitably lead to the man's death if you're unable to "uncover the truth and confront his potential murderer in time, even if that means suspecting those closest to him." 

Inspired by a true story in Hong Kong, Fateful End looks and plays largely like a visual novel driven by player choice, though you'll also need to solve "many puzzles" by collecting clues and combining items to "reach a goal or escape from a sticky situation." During conversation with others, players must "consider all possible motives to find out who could be involved in your potential demise," but without revealing your distrust in them. No one is above suspicion, as your "girlfriend’s company is going downhill, a self-serving con artist offers up a lucrative business opportunity, a long-lost love returns, a rough thug seems to have his own agenda, an IT specialist is running a dingy business on the side, and the most stand-up guy in the world might be hiding more secrets than he lets on." Fortunately, helping you keep track of your progress is a "relationship web" that monitors the status of your relationships based on the decisions you make.

Having stealthily flown under the radar until now, the good news is that Fateful End: True Case Files is already available on Steam for Windows PC. Mobile players will have to wait a little longer, but not much, as the game is expected to arrive on iOS and Android later this month.

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