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Eseala: Unravel the Universe’s Mysteries

Indie game developer and publisher Symbol Thrower is excited to announce the official release of their latest work, Eseala. This 3rd person Sci-Fi inspired exploration adventure game, now available on Steam, immerses players in a world of wonder and mystery. As a player, you step into the shoes of a protagonist on a quest to uncover the past, present, and future, while navigating misty cliffs and forgotten pockets of time.

Eseala promises an engaging storyline and intriguing puzzles. Progression in the game requires the unlocking of switches, pushing blocks out of the way, and dodging otherworldly creatures. Items in the environment trigger memory segments, beautifully illustrated in cutscenes. Players must cross chasms and solve puzzles that block their progress. The game environment also hides passages and clues necessary for further exploration into the mysterious world.

Eseala offers fans of the genre an exciting and adventurous Sci-Fi exploration game, filled with challenging puzzle-solving fun. Attention to detail is critical to success! Only by exploring all areas of the environment will you prevail and uncover the truth to your lost memories. The game is now available on Steam. The truth behind the dark presence and overwhelming memories you encounter is waiting to be revealed. Can you uncover the mysterious workings of the Universe and your role in it?


eseala is available at:

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