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Ejected Star appears on the horizon

Point-and-click pixel art comedies in outer space fit hand-in-glove, as we all know, so it's welcome news that another new sci-fi comic adventure is now on the horizon in the form of Bradley Allen's Ejected Star.

The game stars Tommy Tektite, a "bumbling, but well meaning Weapons Officer Second Class" aboard Asteroid Vehicle 4, one of many vessels in the Space Corps Fleet. Tommy is unceremoniously roused from bed to reluctantly deal with an air leak that turns out to be caused by Havok, a "dastardly evil robot who has stolen a generator core and left a tidy little bomb" behind. Unfortunately, an escalating series of events forces Tommy to jettison himself "out into the vacuum of cold space." From there he is "scooped up by a few salvage drones and deposited within a nearby decrepit mining station." After discovering that he's been blamed for the catastrophe, now Tommy must "find a spaceship, build up his crew and track down the murderous robot that so rudely interrupted his otherwise peaceful morning."

Inspired by "the pixelated classics that stand before it like Monkey Island and Space Quest," Ejected Star lightheartedly pokes fun at its acclaimed predecessors, along with other sci-fi pop culture franchises like Star Trek, the Marvel Universe and Star Wars, to name just a few. Promising full voice acting and a charming pixel art visual style, the game is expected to take between six to eight hours to complete, during which you'll discover plenty of "tongue-in-cheek humor" and puzzles to solve along the way.

With an expected release date not likely to occur until late 2021 or early 2022, with a possible Kickstarter before then to help finish financing the production, the arrival of Ejected Star may seem like a long way off. The good news is that you can enjoy a generous first taste right away through the prologue available now on itch.io. The demo can either be downloaded or played directly in your browser, offering about an hour's worth of free content as it follows Tommy's attempts to save his ship.

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