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Doctor Who comes calling next month in The Lonely Assassins

While Doctor Who may be most at home on TV, that hasn't prevented the popular BBC time-traveling franchise from making the leap to videogames on occasion. The latest such interactive adventure is The Lonely Assassins, a "found phone" mystery from Kaigan Games, the creators of Sara Is Missing and the SIMULACRA series, coming next month to PC and mobile devices. 

The game is based on the Tenth Doctor's 2007 episode called "Blink," in which the statue-like aliens known as the Weeping Angels become "trapped in the basement of Wester Drumlins," a "decrepit and supposedly uninhabited house in London." But now they're free once again, and "merciless as ever ... back with a vengeance." Their "power to infiltrate technology" means that "no device is safe," and you are enlisted by "ex-UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood (played by Ingrid Oliver)" to tackle this "familiar and lethal foe." 

As with the developer's previous titles, The Lonely Assassins is a "dark mystery" that sees players "interacting with a mysteriously discarded phone" by searching through "messages, emails, videos, photographs and more" in order to "uncover its secrets and that of its former owner." Filmed in London and Cardiff, the game blends live-action footage with hands-on gameplay in which you must "piece together clues and work with Petronella Osgood to trace connections to the first horrific encounter within Wester Drumlins." Reprising his original role as Larry Nightingale is Finlay Robertson, and Jodie Whittaker will make her presence felt as the voice of the current Doctor.

If you have access to a TARDIS, you could jump ahead a month to the game's PC launch on Steam, along with iOS and Android versions for mobile devices. If not, at least there isn't that long to wait for Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins to get here the old-fashioned way. 

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