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Dentures and Demons 2 ready for possession on Android

Having just celebrated a season of holiness by many people around the world, now it's time for a little devilish fun with the release of Dentures and Demons 2 from Sui Arts, assuming you've got an Android device to play it on. 

In 2019's series debut, Detective Junior Peexelated began investigating "the case of a dangerous sect" in Varedze City, a place whose idyllic mountain scenery belies the fact that there's "something spooky in the air." With the defeat of the "nefarious" Dentures society, it seemed that at last "good [had] triumphed over evil," but in Varedze City there's no such thing as a happily-ever-after ending. In the sequel, something even more "terrible is happening and it will take an unlikely hero to stop it." When you receive a late-night phone call requesting your help, it's time to "save the city, the world and possibly even more."

As with its predecessor, Dentures and Demons 2 is a side-scrolling adventure in a "low-res pixelated style" depicting Varedze and its immediate surroundings, though this time with additional locations and a "much more refined artwork for backgrounds, characters, and animations." Also like the first title, gameplay promises a mix of "arcade style sequences and many puzzles," some of which use smartphone sensors to solve. Several familiar faces return, including the detective (now promoted to sergeant), as well as many new ones, some of whom will offer assistance in between making all-new "dirty jokes," as once again players can expect a very politically incorrect script filled with "strong language, sarcasm, bad humor and childish jokes." 

Another thing Dentures and Demons 2 has in common with the first game is that it's an Android exclusive only on Google Play, available to download free but with in-app purchases to remove ads and offer additional gameplay and bonus content. 

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