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Demo unearthed for Palladium: Adventure in Greece

With their mysterious locales, brain-bending obstacles, and promise of glittering treasures, adventure games often strive to provide a more relaxed alternative to the swashbuckling escapades of the likes of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones while still retaining the atmosphere that makes their exotic settings so enticing to explore. Following in these time-honored footsteps is the upcoming Palladium: Adventure in Greece, currently in development by NLB project.

The story revolves around an archaeologist named Andreas and his search for the eponymous Palladium, an ancient artifact that allegedly “brings success and prosperity to its owner.” Traveling to a forgotten Greek island, he will have to overcome riddles and avoid deadly traps in pursuit of his quest. However, he is not the only one seeking the treasure, as a pair of other adventurers also arrive to recover the artifact for themselves.

Palladium is a first-person 3D adventure centered on the exploration of a dangerous labyrinth “built by an ancient civilization,” with puzzles and riddles inspired by Greek myth to solve along the way. Players will have different playthrough possibilities based on their choice between two adventurers that can accompany them on their journey. Each provides unique benefits, with the female companion providing help with riddles, while the male companion’s technical expertise comes in handy for avoiding traps in “unconventional ways.” There are also multiple endings planned, leaving it up to you to decide what is most important: “fame, gold, or love.”

An early demo is currently available on Steam, providing a brief taste of the game’s features, including the FPS-style mouse-and-keyboard control scheme, a short section of labyrinth to explore, a few puzzles to solve, and a look at how companion choice affects gameplay. The complete version of Palladium: Adventure in Greece is scheduled for release sometime this year on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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