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Demo the first stop to Almost My Floor

Normally the worst thing about elevators is the awkward silence among strangers, but an especially bad elevator trip will be the source of plenty of point-and-click madness in indie developer Potata Company's Almost My Floor.

The protagonist is Alex, a young man who is "a real fan of creepy stuff and horror movies" but never expected to find himself caught up in a terrifying ordeal of his own. However, one seemingly "usual evening" takes a turn for the macabre when the elevator to his apartment leads not back home but to "an infinite maze of floors and stairways [that] will not let its prey escape unscathed." Trapped in a place that exists somewhere "between fiction and reality," Alex must now "face the monsters of [his] subconsciousness, meet the other house residents and determine their fate. But the most important thing is to escape the depths of terror . . . and try to remain sane afterwards."

If you're expecting a typical first-person 3D horror experience, think again, as Almost My Floor is pretty much the opposite. Presented in a hand-painted "comic book" art style, the game promises a largely traditional point-and-click adventure experience, with puzzles to solve and choices to make that will "influence the story and its ending." The difference, of course, is that here "death awaits at every corner" in the form of a host of evil monsters that will "keep living on in your nightmares."

If you can't wait until next February's Steam launch on Windows PC to begin this crazy ride, you're in luck, as a playable prologue is already available, offering three locations and the first forty minutes of gameplay. To follow the progress of Almost My Floor in the coming months, punch the button that'll take you straight to the official website.

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