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Death of the Reprobate shows first signs of life

If your soul hasn't yet been condemned to hell for enjoying Joe Richardson's satirically sacrilegious Four Last Things and The Procession to Calvary, you'll soon get another chance in their upcoming spiritual successor, Death of the Reprobate

It all starts innocently enough: As the last surviving heir of Immortal John, you have been "summoned to hear his dying wish," with which he implores you to become a better person. (Only he may not be so polite about it.) And so you set out to do good in a "gentle story about helping people and being a nice lad," whether that's making "idle chit-chit with a woman submerged neck-deep in a tiny pond" or assisting a bird hunter high in the mountains, set against a backdrop "overlooking earth and sea and sky, the natural and the man-made, the eternal mystery held within the infinite depths of the distant horizon." It's peaceful, it's pastoral, full of "slow burning simple pleasures." And then ... "the Devil gets involved."  

As with the earlier games, Death of the Reprobate is a unique collage of "Renaissance, Rococo and even a hint of Romanticism" artwork with period-appropriate classical music by Eduardo Antonello, recorded using "real medieval" instruments. Players can once again expect an eclectic cast of characters to meet and a variety of puzzles to solve using a traditional point-and-click interface with a verb-coin interface. Perhaps most importantly, the new game retains the same offbeat (and sometimes off-colour) humour and "highbrow buffoonery" we've come to expect, with "lofty subject matter ... treated with gleeful flippancy" throughout. 

Though Death of the Reprobate is set in the same universe as the previous two games, no prior familiarity is necessary. However, since it isn't due out on Steam until sometime next year for Windows PC, there's still plenty of time to catch up on more delightfully irreverent adventuring fun for those who missed out before.

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